Saturday, January 12, 2013

PTR Press Release: Simon Buckmaster on Meeting Dorna, False Economies, and Logistics

Performance Technical Racing, the organization behind the PTR Honda World Supersport team, issued the following press release today, containing an article by team manager Simon Buckmaster. In the article, Buckmaster, in typically forthright style, talks about the meeting which the World Superbike and World Supersport teams had with Dorna last month to discuss the future of the World Superbike championship. Buckmaster covers the danger of relying on a spec ECU for cost-cutting, highlights that the real costs of the championship are in logistics, and the need to work on expanding sponsorship. Buckmaster's views offer an interesting perspective on the needs of the championship from a current team owner.

Below is the press release in full:

Meeting with Dorna
Simon Says in conjunction with

We recently had a meeting in Geneva with Dorna and all teams to discuss the way forward for Superbike and Supersport now Dorna runs both WSB and MotoGP. Obviously everyone was eager to hear what Dorna had to say with all the rumour of what they may or may not have in mind.

It appears Dorna want our opinions before making any decisions. We all know that they are in a difficult position here as we all have our own agendas and you cannot please everyone.


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