Sunday, August 26, 2012

Yamaha: Lorenzo Select Spies Than Rossi

INbolnet -   Yamaha recently admitted that set Ben Spies as his teammate Jorge Lorenzo is a priority. But he respects his team's decision to re-hook Valentino Rossi.

Lorenzo and Rossi will be back bertandem simultaneously compete under the auspices of the Yamaha next season. Rossi will leave Ducati later this year and has won a new contract from Yamaha for the 2013 and 2014 seasons.

"We and Jorge held discussions about a possible return at Mugello Vale," said Lin Jarvis, Managing Director of Yamaha MotoGP. "It seems like we defend Jorge Ben because they have a good relationship. This is a priority. But eventually he respected our decision."

Jarvis admitted that Rossi was the first to show interest. "Vale approached us and expressed interest to return to Yamaha. Thus, the first contact was came from the Vale," he concluded.

In addition, Jarvis also confirmed that Rossi will be testing the 1000cc YZR-M1 bike just a day after the Valencia Grand Prix was held in November.

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