Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Reserve wins Speedway Grand Prix

Gorzow Speedway Grand Prix

Podium … Martin Vaculik, Chris Holder and Bartosz Zmarzlik applaud in Poland.

Slovakian haven supplement Martin Vaculik scored an dissapoint win from Chris Holder in a FIM Gorzow Speedway Grand Prix of Poland on Sunday morning.

Vaculik was subbing in for Polish star Jaroslaw Hampel how is recuperating from a damaged leg and is now a initial Slovakian to win a Speedway Grand Prix, and usually a third supplement to win on entrance ? fasten greats Tomasz Gollob and Emil Sayfutdinov on that list.

On a rain-affected circuit Vaculik claimed a overwhelming win from Holder and 17-year-old furious label Bartosz Zmarzlik putting dual debutantes on a lectern for a initial time given 1995.

“This is unbelievable. we consider it?s a best feeling in a world. we won my hardest assembly ever. I?m really happy and it?s a cold feeling,” Vaculik said.

“I won a Grand Prix and we couldn?t have illusory I?d win before a meeting. I?m really happy and we wish to contend a large appreciate we to my team. My motorcycles were really quick and good in a conditions.”

Like many Speedway riders Vaculik runs a tiresome report opposite Europe, racing several times a week.

“The Polish and Swedish leagues are a best schools for a speedway rider,” he said. “Winning this is only a reward for me. I?m holding knowledge all a time and we wish to be a really good rider.

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“Consistency is a pivotal to success. You need to have some good starts and get good points. Getting dual or 3 points in each feverishness is ideal and we had no ones or lasts, so that?s really good.”

Vaculik could have a possibility to follow another bullion award in a FIM Fogo Croatian SGP during Gorican on Jul 28, as Hampel has certified he faces a genuine conflict to be fit for a event.

The former World Under-21 finalist would adore another shot during a large time, though said: “I?m contemptible for Jarek and we wish he will be behind really soon.

“If he?s not behind for Gorican, afterwards I?ll be there. But that?s a destiny ? I?m concentrating on tomorrow?s joining assembly (between Tarnow and Rzeszow). What will be, will be.”

Holder was gay to lift out dual wins in his final dual feverishness races and go on to collect a china medal.

“Second is awesome. we came here to make a final and get some points. It?s so formidable to get points ? even in a feverishness races,” Holder said.

“After 3 races, we was on 5 and we was only perplexing to scratch into a semi. we got there, took embankment 4 and it paid off.

“The sleet substantially helped me a bit in a final since we was off embankment 3 and suspicion a boys would go to a outside. we went to a inside, it worked for a lap, though it wasn?t as good as we suspicion and we finished adult carrying a good competition with Bart.

“I?m only happy to be here. we got a lot of points in a bag. It?s great.”

Third-placed Zmarzlik could perceptibly trust his outcome in Gorzow.

“I took a lane travel a integrate of hours before a assembly began. we only had a really brief demeanour during a podium,” he said.

“I was meditative ?what on earth would it feel like if we was to mount on one of those soap-box positions?? we only couldn?t trust that a few hours after we was in that mark and done a same kind of entrance Darcy Ward done in Torun final year. It was wonderful.”

Despite blank a final Greg Hancock extended his World Championship lead to 9 points after claiming 12.
Holder?s 17-point transport puts him turn with Jason Crump in second place on 78 after a triple universe champion missed a semi-finals on five.

The speedway universe is now Focussed on a FIM Speedway World Cup, that gets underway with Event 1 during Bydgoszcz on Saturday, before Event 2 takes place during King?s Lynn on Jul 9.

The Race-Off and Final are set for Swedish lane Malilla on Jul 12 and 14 respectively.

See each competition of a 2012 FIM Speedway World Cup LIVE and disdainful to SPEED – Channel 512 on your Foxtell/Austar remote.

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