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Journalists give an opinion on Rossi and Ducati

Journalists give an opinion on Rossi and Ducati

Journalists give an opinion on Rossi and Ducati

ASSEN – no point in hiding behind a finger on the Ducati and Valentino Rossi all odds I was wrong. Honestly, I was convinced that Valentine would have fared better, as I did not think that the Ducati would have been capable of a response so fast. Now it has arrived at Assen GP11.1, deeply modified the frame and, consequently, in the engine, I’m not sure what to expect. So I decided to avoid yet another fool, and I asked the opinion of Italian journalists who follow the MotoGP World Championship, asking them two questions: 1) Did you expect a response so rapid and so important by the Ducati? 2) From now on forward do you expect better results from Valentino Rossi?

Here is the result of my mini-survey.
PHILIP Falsaperla (BBC)
1) was not quite imagine such a thing. Remaking a motorcycle from scratch in mid-season for a small house like the Ducati is something unpredictable and perhaps the result of an offensive strategy that goes beyond the limits of logic.
2) the psychological aspect can certainly have a positive influence , as well as having to prove something important. But I think that changing the character of a motorcycle with some moves can not be: this bike was to be 2012 and in very difficult times (during the presentation of Madonna di Campiglio, note) had been told that the revolution would not be a GP12, but a simple evolution. Probably there will be improvements, but the gap is wide: to recover up to win I think is very difficult. It is perhaps easier to approach the podium. ”

PAUL SCALERA (Corriere dello Sport)
1) A response so rapid it was a surprise, though the last month and a half all the tests were made ??with the GP12 think that, at least, would try to use the developments on the GP11. I did not expect even did debut a completely new bike, which may make some big steps forward, but also great risks.
2) will start a little ‘difficult, but if you have taken this decision so risky, and certainly expensive although, on this aspect, Filippo Preziosi (the engineer technical director of Ducati Corse, nda) has minimized, meaning that they have had some positive feedback: a minimum improvement would not do so.

GUIDO MEDA (Sport Mediaset)
1) I did not expect a reaction from Ducati so speedy. Stupidly, though: I should have thought, I should have remembered the words that Valentino has said several times during this season, how good is this group of work, like Ducati are more reactive. We had said that there was no comparison with the Japanese and he was right.
2) No. In the sense that I think it’s fair to have a modicum of patience. I expect they get better results, but not immediately. I expect him to have a better feeling with the bike, perhaps will go well at Mugello, where he has already shot with a similar motion with the 1000. But here at Assen is not certain that you can expect to win or wins hands down: it would be folly.

1) In part, I expected a reaction from the Ducati I was surprised at the lack of answers. A company like Ducati, being small, has made ??technology his best weapon and I was amazed that put her in the field so I’m not very surprised by this technological response.
2) Rossi is unknown: it is up to date not just that feeling. A Valentine certainly not missing the class, technique, courage, but lack the confidence, confidence with the bike. I hope that with this news we can find it: we will see the results immediately. ”

Carlo Pernat (grid, Capirossi’s manager)
1) It was in a violent reaction of the Ducati. I did not expect a total reaction, because here we are talking about a complete bike. Being a small company is a lean, this is a good thing.
2) Hard to say if the results will come. Valentino is still the strongest rider of all, but when you have no feeling with an engine is very hard to catch him. It will be a challenge. It is very difficult to get the best of the first six races, especially not with regard to the position but the gap: the battle is won if the gaps from the first fall.

ALBERTO PORTA (Sport Mediaset)
1) I did not expect a reaction so imposing and so much substance. We expected a significant step forward: it was made ??a leap into the future, returning to the present with the engine 800.
2) I am convinced that Valentino will be able to obtain better results, because the feeling that is created between rider and bike, to the Beyond performance, counts for a lot: the GP12, Valentino has been found well, now it is to recreate the chemistry between the bike and rider, we hope it is enough to see him on the podium.

ALEN STICKERS (Mediaset Premium)
1) I did not expect quite such a reaction. Only the Ducati, the Italian mentality, could do such a thing: they did well, even in the future.
2) Difficult to reach the results already in this race, because it serves so long to fix a motorcycle. By the end of the season, however, there will be improvements and we see constantly in front of Valentino.

Marco Masetti (Freelance Journalist)
1) A surprise, vastly superior to any provision-
2) I expect better results, because this is a bike that feels his own, while the other, the GP11 has called the daughter of other drivers: so rejected, it was his fault!

František Štastný Julian Stevens Casey Stoner Andrew Stroud

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