Monday, March 28, 2011

Come To ?Da Rossi?, For A Pizza And More

At 32 years of age, some competence contend that Valentino Rossi is circumference towards a twilight years of his career. At slightest now he?s got something to tumble behind on once he hangs adult his leathers, as he announced a opening of his pizzeria in his home city of Tavullia, Italy. In a meantime, we can be certain this place will be packaged any competition weekend. Margherita pizza, anyone? Check out a central press recover after a jump.

The priest, a mayor, a Priors of a Feast of St. Pio, Berta a news agent, Silverio a barber, and a whole race of Tavullia entice we to a opening of Valentino Rossi Fan Club?s new offices.

Located in a heart of Tavullia, a renovated Fan Club is a assembly place for members, though it also opens a doors to all fans to come eat a pizza in a new ?Bar Pizzeria da Rossi?, to have breakfast in a morning, to suffer a drink, to relax in a gentle video-game room or to follow all a Grand Prix rounds or other sporting events in a gentle TV room. It?s all in a ?Fan Club? style, that means a really social, accessible atmosphere. Soon, a sea-view patio will also be opened, where a whole VR46 wardrobe line will be on display.

It?s a special arise that we won?t wish to miss, only like Valentino?s entrance with Ducati, that is because a Fan Club, in partnership with a range of Pesaro, has motionless to implement a hulk shade in Tavullia?s categorical square, in front of a Fan Club, for fans to watch a Qatar Grand Prix.

After all, if a priest, a mayor, a Priors of a Feast of San Pio, Berta a news agent, Silverio a coiffeur and a internal proletariat are all so calm during a home of a Fan Club, there contingency be a reason?.

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